I am eternally greatfull for the MKMMA habits. Although I have bot remained up to date on my blogs I am however keeping up on all the daily habits with the occasional slip up. This is now my third year doing the class and will always have nothing but wonderful things to say about everyone supporting this movement. I am in the process of realizing that my PPN of recognition for creative expression has so much more value than I have ever considered. Everything we all do is just to be loved and accepted by the ones we admire in our environment . I am finding that I am running a successful business and desire to be more and more rich just purely for the desire to loved and accepted. At first I had felt defeated by this realization but now as I continue to meditate upon this new realization I have come to find through observation that absolutely everyone is dong the exact same thing.




Well I always thought that the enlightened one or the fully awakened individual would cease to have  jealousy , hate anger, rage. I assumed that as the path of awakening progressed that this would no longer become an occurrence. Yet, I am finding that the voices and negative pull of the mind is unquestionably present but the miraculous response of attachment and observing the minds actions and having the ability to dictate ones own response to the stimulus is truly the greatest gift of all.

I am a father, husband, and employer to three employees now and am realizing the importance of leadership in my life as a mastery.  It seems clear that in order to become an effective leader weather it be in combat or as a janitorial business owner it is obvious that there principals that must be fallowed and is apparent to me that detachment and being the mental observer is by far the most critical starting virtue to master as a leader.

I am blessed and thrilled to be on this heroes journey of life. Both consciously aware and present in the decisions that take place. I give of myself to others and my community and receive more than enough. God always provides for me with abundance and I can each night peacefully rest assured that all of my needs will be met. I am healthy and strong both mentally and physically with the spirit of a lion. This life is a gift and feel no shame to eat all that is provided to me and enjoy it to its last bite with a grin on my face.


Something miraculous happened. Last week I sat down at the table with a sentence to restructure in my DMP. I  absolutely knew that I had been looking at finding a prospective employee the wrong way. I started to look at the on boarding process as cumbersome and frustrating and it just was starting to feel like I would never find a solid employee to replace me at the largest janitorial account for Shaniko industrial. Taking to consideration the fact that language is the highest form of architecture known to man, I knew that this statement I was going to construct had to be extremely accurate. So now my DMP reads: Shaniko is continuously finding fantastic, trustworthy workers with have great work ethic, are incredibly dependable, and reliable members of the team that are providing excellent service to all the wonderful business we serve.

Here’s the magic…….Literally one day later a person calls me and expresses interest in the open position based upon a recommended friend who had previously worked for me. Fast forward 7 days later and at this point I am thrilled to announce that I believe I have actually found a good fit for the position. I still find myself attempting to default back to the old blue print and act from a place of fear rather than love and repeat fearful negative inner chatter all regarding the employee not working out in some way or another.

All of this is proof that an attitude of acceptance and love (as scroll 2 says) is the only way to move forward into the future without bringing all of the possible past negativity into the future with you. For if I hadn’t written that statement, even if he did show up without the writing of it, I truly believe it was the writing of this statement that allowed an inner change of the heart. This inner changing of the heart that moved into the unknown and mysterious thing that beats our hearts than blessed me with an opportunity to hire an employee that I can see working.


Pure alchemy




That’s all I can say about how my life has been going… Its been absolutely insane how the law of growth has charged into effect within my family life as well as my busines. I absolutely never could have believed that I would had ever let alone within the forst year of business be bidding on $90,000 jobs that could easily be completed in 1 mos.  I have gone through 5 employees in the last 30 days trying to fond the right fit for my biggest janitorial account at Freightliner. I am blessed to be on this journey and am great-full for the MK’s. Fingers crossed and many sits going into the intentions of receiving this huge job@@@@!!!!!!

MKMMA week 3

I am a feeling like a child. I grew up as a martial artist and in the wrestling room. It has been a constant passion and centering aspect to my health and we’ll being. I’ve coached wrestling and bjj many years before in my life and never made much money at it. I’ve had the recent realization it actually may be possible at this stage in my life and my community to teach other people with a martial art that I believe will change them and enrich the community. This feeling is a strange dichotomy because my janitorial company is only 9 months old and it is absolutely taking off.  Some part of me thinks that I’m moving the magnifying glass by thinking about this nee start up at all. But my faith and persistence in the Divine and my ability to manifest my ideas is relevant and Paramount. Now it’s time to go sit




I am very excited to up the enthusiasm, revisit my DMP with bright eyes filled with the haze of imagination and meet new Heros on this journey that are SERIOUS about their goals and living this life as the HERO of our own stories. My growth in the last 2 years since starting the master keys has been incredible and unquestionable. I am finding myself living as the observer. This truly is a wonderful Heros journey and I absolutely feel blessed to be on the journey with you!


I wrote it down on now it’s happening!!

Isn’t that the way of the land ? At least now it is for us in the know . Is quite strange to see how the inexplicable events happen to coordinate and conspire in the manifestation of my dreams . I reached out to an old employer and mentor just wanting to re connect and share my heros journey. Throughout the whole days conversation with this wonderful 75 year old man I believe he started to notice something in me . I could see this old man getting more and more excited about something he lost passion for. It appears that I am rekindling this man’s passion for his business through watching my eagerness to learn and aggressiveness to grow. Now after a few months of building rapport and gaining a relationship together there is some serious discussions about partnering and aligning our futures together in business . I’m actually very very excited about this opportunity to partner with someone with so much experience and so much to offer.  With one person in less than 10 years this man was able to grow the same business as I have into a $680,000 a year company and I believe with his help I can surpass and shadow that level of performance. I will share much more as I move forward in this venture but I just had to share in my excitement.


My DMP is actualizing itself in physical reality. Today when I dropped off a fabricated unit to a customer I was approached buy an old colleague. Instantly we got right into some very serious conversation, talking about issues that really mattered to this individual.  Just to be in the right place at the right time and have this conversation and be the one to share with makes me feel incredibly blessed. I’m constantly connecting with people in the most un likely of places. Genuine conversations cutting right to the bone of what matters to each of us pop up naturally to me in increasing quantities. The master keys work because I am putting the work in. This is an absolutely tremendous way to live life. I always have something to work on within myself. This week I’m looking everywhere for kindness and I see it all over the place.