MKMMA WEEK 4 (I can be )

IM  all in!!!!


I have burnt all boats, I have all the faith and courage to realize the destination of my DMP!!!!!!

I am so happy to have all the love and support around me I feel it indescribable to relay my ecstatic joy that the angels in my life bring me !!!

Now I make it my life’s priority to serve the infinite by living in harmony and flow with my true purposes in life. MEANING:  doing the things I love and hanging with people that are inspiring, seeing beauty in nature and being a wonderful example to my children!





Today I made 37 cold calls and I by the grace of God landed one client to serve. Last week shaniko industrial LLC was formed. I now have a million dollars of liability insurance associated with the company as well as company expense accounts,company payroll accounts and have established who my bookkeeper accountant and certified professional assistant will be to help run the business. I will begin creating my dream business this next week by filling up the back of my father’s truck he is willing to let me borrow with$ 800 in janitorial supplies and buying a canopy to lock and cover everything. I will begin this next week on Monday at 10 a.m. serving Debbie’s daycare with their janitorial needs.. I promise this is just the beginning of what is to be a beautiful start ……….. & I always fulfill my promises


Blue rectangles everywhere!

Bad blueprints still around every corner ! Persistence of a condition blueprint is still evident in my life manifesting itself through insecurities and doubt. There was only one thing on that service list for me to do and that was clean the microwave out and soon as the webinar was done…. I did it . Yet for some reason I keep hearing some little voice tell me that cleaning the microwave has no direct relevance to owning a successful business or being a wonderful father. Constantly my old blue friend is there to poo poo all of these new ways thinking. Yet I will persist until I succeed. I am the young bull that enters the ring because Im willing to persist and persist and persist. I will step forward my best self in life and manifest a loving caring compassionate patient human being. I am happy to be alive and I’m blessed to have the struggles that I do and will never shy from ownership and responsibility, and the hardest thing to take ownership for is your dreams and your life!


If  your’e reading this: lift your sword to the sky and give a Battle Cry as a fellow warrior on the most fantastic and truly the only Journey that one can go on in life!





Mkmma week 1

I’m so incredibly happy to be a part of this family once again. I’m in the midst of my innermost cave at 6 o’clock in my hero’s journey and although my old blueprint fought it, I am proud of to say that I am here in attendance in the 2018-2019 MKE. I missed putting my blog up on time for the first week but I am here on the second week ready to get after it. I’m proud of myself today for following all of my habits reading my Scrolls doing my Seth repeating do it now and feeling all fulfilling all of my to do list with gusto and enthusiasm. I’m a part of a wonderful Marco Polo group as well and Jason Hauser is someone I am forever grateful to have my life and we have Tuesday meetings in which our focus is MKE!

Mkmma blog


I am in the midst of the pain and resistance that this beautiful hero’s journey harolded me twards. This sounds a lot like mark to me and I am forever grateful to him for his works.


Made to the summit of my first mountain!!! Sweat a gallon and found my child self again !! IMG_20180207_092654Motivated by the challenge of adventure and the millstone of adversity! O man did I underestimate the trek that was ahead ! It was one of the more challenging things I’ve done; it was the first time I put on a pair of snowshoes or strapped on a pair of cramp ons. It was the first time I had ever used an ice axe as well and although I have snowboarded for nearly two decades it was the first time I have ever used a splitboard and snowboarded in the backcountry.IMG_3795IMG_3848IMG_3830  I intended on wearing the GoPro for the trip down but was far too tired to make it a run worth watching and just really wanted to get back down.  We climbed hiked 12 total miles and climbed up and back down an altitude of 6850 ft . Wow, what a wonderfull, challenging and insane day I was able to push myself to experience .IMG_3788.jpg

Trust your guide I heard in my mind, failing and turning back was an option and was grabbing my attention much of the climb in an attempt to silence my inner bitch. I am a grappler and have been in many physical confrontations and take pride in my commitment to fitness and love lifting weights but that day I did something new that was far outside the boundary’s of what I am regularly doing physically and just had to see what I already knew : I could and I can do it !! I get emotional writing about this and filled with tears because of the clarity of awareness I have to the eternal potential that exists within me !IMG_20180207_153823.jpg

My climbing partner and master mountain man is last year’s marathon winner called the world toughest mudder which he has completed over 13 times ! . Next he’s trying to smash the record for some amazing high altitude 200 mile race with no sleep in under 48 hrs …. So needless to say I have some big standards to establish my aspirations to undoubtedly!


So many amazing things pulled from my sacrifice ; I know I can do fucking anything input my mind to ! Absolutely anything ! I am in the flow ! I am whatever I will to be and I am in the now going amazing places with insane people !



I have so much confidence… Wow !! Thank you for reading. And as a personal message to you if you made it to the end of this : please please please choose to challenge yourself and seek the refuge that adversity and challenges proving by forcing yourself to grow !


Over the “dog days!”

I don’t know how it happened but I became somewhat complacent and became slightly used to the positivity and showering of love in my life. Things are happening quite effortlessly and I pulled the reins off a little bit of my habits slightly. This week’s webinar was a fantastic reminder for me and I feel as though Mark and the team were speaking directly to my struggles. I have no idea how I missed a few sits here and there or the one afternoon read that I missed I just don’t know how it happened..but I cannot tell you how great I feel coming into week 17!!

I feel reinvigorated and possessed with an aggression to stick to the path that I have laid out in front of me. I’m going to continue to make more recordings, I’m going to continue to make more and more cards, I will continue to focus on the true self that I know that I already am and iron out all the fine details.


I understand I will never be perfect for that person has never existed.

If  perfection is what the ego expects than anything I do other than Perfection will be considered pure disappointment and dissatisfaction.

So no matter what mistakes I make, no matter how many things that may seem to do “wrong,” I know that with each breath I take I am whole and full of everything anyone would need or desire!

I have no lacking in my life !! Somehow when I need something it is just appearing in my life.

2018 absolutely is going to be the most miraculous year of my life. We are in the process of purchasing our first home as a family, I will be taking ownership of my first business and I am discovering more and more about the massive potential that lies within the great self that I am!! My goals are being shattered and completed with such happiness, joy and effortless!! I am becoming a more efficient human being in general!

Proper preparation promotes Prime performance!! And boy o boy am I prepared.

Thank you all so much for being apart of my hero’s journey and picking up your shield as well!!

P.S.:  That was the dog days … Hahaha that’s it ?? Glad its over ;)….Peace, Love and lots of prosperity fellow MKMMA members!!

MKMMA week 16

WE MATTER !! No matter how marginalized and diminished institutions and Society May allow you to feel at times we are all Awakening to the fact that we are THE WHOLE !! We are not reduced to merely consumers in a machine that does not care for us.