Get out of bed and get after it!!


Over the “dog days!”

I don’t know how it happened but I became somewhat complacent and became slightly used to the positivity and showering of love in my life. Things are happening quite effortlessly and I pulled the reins off a little bit of my habits slightly. This week’s webinar was a fantastic reminder for me and I feel as though Mark and the team were speaking directly to my struggles. I have no idea how I missed a few sits here and there or the one afternoon read that I missed I just don’t know how it happened..but I cannot tell you how great I feel coming into week 17!!

I feel reinvigorated and possessed with an aggression to stick to the path that I have laid out in front of me. I’m going to continue to make more recordings, I’m going to continue to make more and more cards, I will continue to focus on the true self that I know that I already am and iron out all the fine details.


I understand I will never be perfect for that person has never existed.

If  perfection is what the ego expects than anything I do other than Perfection will be considered pure disappointment and dissatisfaction.

So no matter what mistakes I make, no matter how many things that may seem to do “wrong,” I know that with each breath I take I am whole and full of everything anyone would need or desire!

I have no lacking in my life !! Somehow when I need something it is just appearing in my life.

2018 absolutely is going to be the most miraculous year of my life. We are in the process of purchasing our first home as a family, I will be taking ownership of my first business and I am discovering more and more about the massive potential that lies within the great self that I am!! My goals are being shattered and completed with such happiness, joy and effortless!! I am becoming a more efficient human being in general!

Proper preparation promotes Prime performance!! And boy o boy am I prepared.

Thank you all so much for being apart of my hero’s journey and picking up your shield as well!!

P.S.:  That was the dog days … Hahaha that’s it ?? Glad its over ;)….Peace, Love and lots of prosperity fellow MKMMA members!!

MKMMA week 16

WE MATTER !! No matter how marginalized and diminished institutions and Society May allow you to feel at times we are all Awakening to the fact that we are THE WHOLE !! We are not reduced to merely consumers in a machine that does not care for us.



Week #16 MKE & Loving it….

A wonderful man with a lot of great things to say check him out!!

Love Life

This is the Best Day of my life…:)

I’m living the life I Love, doing the things I Love, 100%, with Unlimited Wealth & Happiness.

Ok so a little story, I lost my company a couple years ago and I haven’t had a check for more than a year now and things are tight. I sold my navigators, bike, boat and other things to get by. Normally I would be freaking out and losing my mind as I always stressed about money, even tho I’ve had lots of money before (million dollar companies) and still stressed about money. Money seemed to be my focus for the last 20+ years and I made millions and lost millions and it always stressed me out. This time I’m at the lowest point of money I’ve had since I was 17years old. (I have 3 online companies that will be launched by March and these companies will be bigger than…

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From scroll 3:

I was not delivered into this world in defeat nor does failure course in my veins. I am not a sheep waiting to be prodded by my shepherd. I am a lion and I refuse to talk, to walk, to sleep with a sheep..

I cannot simply abandon the ones that I love. It is so hard to communicate so much of what I know because so many of the ones I love are not willing to put in the work to witness the change that is ever so presently waiting for them.

I must use each moment of adversity as an opportunity to grow and become more wise and apply the seven laws of the Mind and live in the true essence of who I am.

I’m using this opportunity to write my first poem and I would like to share it : this is a poem about influence, perspective, change, growth, and about the dichotomies of becoming enlightened in this existence not the next!

Poem title : Sheep, Shepherds, Lions and lambs .

Often decisions made. Good and bad which seem the same.

From your eyes you see and from mine I see.


Stories told to touch the soul

So that we may see.


What lies beyond the story

Is what hides in you and me!!


Tales of nights, dragons and queens

And true gold that can’t be seen.


Yet without the courage to gaze

Fidelity to attachment still remains .


For it is in the silence that we truly see!




I am feeling the love! My new blueprint is becoming solidified in my dreams! I truly feel the millions of little workers even when I’m asleep! I am in love with my future self and truly believe in my habits and love who I am! I am the hero of my own journey!

I had the blessing to master-mind with 6 other MKMMA members in Vancouver, WA where I live and it was everything of what I had expected and more!

Once again clarifying to myself that I can manifest events and influence circumstances because I focused on this tremendously hard over the last few weeks and BOOOM there it happens….

The bond was instant ! The connection was deep! My wish is that you all may find the beautiful love and support of such beautiful human beings to share this existence with!!


Thank you !



“Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the gods made for fun.”
― Alan W. Watts

An absolute wizard of words at work with the animations done by the creators of South Park. Very short clip 😉

I have been listening to this for years and have known these concepts since I can have any recollection, yet as I continue to use the natural laws of the universe to go with my environment rather that fight the process, I am finding amazing joy and have found precisely what I have been in search for!!

The process of existence can be one that is filled with joy, peace, love and riches of any kind if we would simply surrender to the infinite power that presented us with this opportunity of being!

I love you guys and hope you steady the path with me !!


Masterkey Mastermind Week 9

I am greeting each day with more love in my heart ! In silence I will say I love you.

I feel like I am truly making the final leap that I have always wanted! I am finding joy in the challenges that life presents me. I am striving for love and trying harder to see myself through the eyes of others ! I am opening myself to the the comments and ridicule of others and with my shield I walk into battle with love as my weapon.


I am trying to accept the world and others simply as is! This task of acceptance has unknowingly been a primary concern in my life and has also brought about tremendous frustration and waste! Weather its my father smoking cigarettes, or my mother in law which I love so much becoming slowly more obese, I cannot simply walk by these loved ones when I posses knowledge of the desert oasis they desperately need. They, which are thirsty may not even know it or even care to hear it if you would try to offer them the water they so desperately need.

I am also realizing that I am desiring to positively influence others and I must continue to habitually remind myself that in order to impact the outside world (loved ones) I must first actualize the person in my DMP and BpB. I have always said that human beings are a product of their environments!  How true can that be! We are the culminations of our habitual activities and doings. Progress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!