“Until we make the unconscious conscious it will direct our lives and we will call it fate.”

-C. G. Jung

Therefore we must not be afraid to ask the universe for we you truly want!!

In my previous blog I had elicited some of the Fantastic synchronizations  that were unfolding in my life. I would like to use this opportunity to elaborate into some of the specific situations that are happening. Approximately 2 days ago my wife had a customer give her some information about a clearance in a mattress firm Warehouse and indicated that he would like to provide us one of the old models from last year as a free gift . So tonight I went to The Mattress Firm warehouse and picked up everything and brought it home. Now, although this was only a $3000 free gift and may not seem like much,  I truly believe this was a miracle. A free mattress may not seem like much to some people and it is not that I could not afford one myself. What is so miraculous about tonight and receiving this free gift from the universe was that I intentionally asked for this gift. My wife and I the other day we were joking about not having enough room and me being a bed hog in our queen size bed. I told her don’t worry… little did I know how soon my voice would be heard.  I have been designing architectural landscapes in my imagination and implementing the Master Key System with passion and patience and this is the reward I have received from the subconscious. Let me go on with other example which has much more impact to my life.


Sometime around 2000 or 2002 I had met someone that I admire and looked up to. This person is someone who has been implementing the Master Key System in his life for at least 3 years now with great success and is the whole reason why I found the fantastic system in the first place . So much of what this individual and I embody in our lives have commonalities and we have resonated on multiple cognitive dimensions. Coincidentally, the first DMP that this fine individual wrote had a statement that included him having profitable share in the Cannabis industry, owning and operating a processing or producer license in Washington State. And here I am, with every tool and ability  necessary to make his dream a reality.  What you must know in this story is that I have precisely positioned myself just as Edwin C. Wells in that I have left myself with no possible way of retreat. I absolutely must win or perish.  The amount of dedication, love and persistence required to gain skills to become a proficient cultivator in such a competitive marketplace is something I am extremely proud to be continuously improving at. Somehow our paths beautifully now have merged into one similar vision. We have together finished the acquisition of our first licence  and now are begging the initial phases of establishing our business as the most profitable tier 1 producer /processors in Washington state! Crazy enough as this wonderful journey has been I am still amazed that my partner so gracefully and briefly mentioned a SPECIFIC date and time in which the licence would be obtained.  Miraculously , here we are in October and things are upon completion exactly as he has said. I did everything in my power to prove him wrong and close the deal sooner as I wanted more than anything to beat this arbitrary objective . Yet the master key was set, his subconscious knew that through patience and persistence and through the law of auto suggestion reality would assume things into place.

I have many examples that are proving the affirmations of  my subconscious such as writing a specific car down in my dmp and seeing three in the next day. To someone who looks for the Skyline R35 every day and very rarely sees them and after doing a writing exercise sees three I cannot believe that this is merely a cognitive bias. Soon I will share with u all a corny picture with me next to the car as living proof 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read.


Hello all,

(please forgive any grammatical or spelling errors )

In regard to MKMMA :

“There is a world within- a world of thought and feeling and power; of light an life and beauty and, although invisible, its forces are mighty.” (part 1 #6 in mma system)

I think what this program is allowing me to do is illustrate and exercise so many lessons learned in life previously as well as expanding upon new ideas with more support and accountability than ever before. Nothing is as exciting to me than this transformation!!! I am expanding and discovering so much of what I have already known and felt yet now with so many new tools.

The Bodhidharma is my Dharma  and my Dharma is also the
Bodhidharma. The will of God in my life is not something that is disconnected from my own happiness. I see so clearly that the narratives  we construct for the purpose of comfort are as malleable and fun to manipulate as the creation upon a blank canvass.

I am filled with a state of love and bliss and just wanted to share it with you guys!!

Thank you for reading, I cannot wait to write next about all the freaky singularity’s that are manifesting themselves with increased frequency and obviousness in my ife.


Hello, I am writing this today happy to express my progress in this new found system. I have all the necessary tools already at my disposal to begin this fantastic journey into the subconscious. Many lessons and wonderful teachers have helped me to this point and now i feel as though the habits and new thoughts I have been presented with throughout my life are all coming together in this program.  I am truly great full for this opportunity and am happy to put the time into developing my true dharma.