Masterkey Mastermind Week 9

I am greeting each day with more love in my heart ! In silence I will say I love you.

I feel like I am truly making the final leap that I have always wanted! I am finding joy in the challenges that life presents me. I am striving for love and trying harder to see myself through the eyes of others ! I am opening myself to the the comments and ridicule of others and with my shield I walk into battle with love as my weapon.


I am trying to accept the world and others simply as is! This task of acceptance has unknowingly been a primary concern in my life and has also brought about tremendous frustration and waste! Weather its my father smoking cigarettes, or my mother in law which I love so much becoming slowly more obese, I cannot simply walk by these loved ones when I posses knowledge of the desert oasis they desperately need. They, which are thirsty may not even know it or even care to hear it if you would try to offer them the water they so desperately need.

I am also realizing that I am desiring to positively influence others and I must continue to habitually remind myself that in order to impact the outside world (loved ones) I must first actualize the person in my DMP and BpB. I have always said that human beings are a product of their environments!  How true can that be! We are the culminations of our habitual activities and doings. Progress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Imagination. (wk.8)

I was reading the Master keys and wanted to express some of my thoughts and also share a video that seemed appropriate.


From  MK part 8

12.)”A builder cannot build a structure of any kind until he has first received the plans from the architect, and the architect must get them from his imagination.”

13.) “The captain of industry cannot build a giant corporation which may coordinate hundreds of smaller corporations and thousands of employees, and utilize millions of dollars of capital until he has first created the entire work in his imagination. Objects in the material world are as clay in the potters hand; it is in the Master Mind that the real things are created, and it is by the use of the imagination that the work is done. In order to cultivate the imagination it must be exercised. Exercise is necessary to cultivate mental muscle as well physical muscle. It must be supplied with nourishment or cannot grow.”

Here is a phenomenal short video on imagination. Jason Silva’s Passion, energy and ability to articulate is incredible. That coupled with the videos fantastic visual graphics can serve to assist in the further development of us developing the architecture of our imaginations!!!!

Because….. #9.) Imagination is the mighty instrument by which every discoverer, every inventor, opened the way from precedent to experience. Precedent said, “Its cannot be done,” experience said “It is done .”



Momentum (wk8)

The momentum I feel from gaining and sustaining the practice of momentous habits have absolutely begun solidifying my obtainment of everything I see on my dream board. I am truly in love with the self I am becoming. The strength, the power, confidence that all come from having a laser like focus on my imagined self has liberated the previously constricted dimensions of awareness that pestered my ability to actualize the limitless potential within! I am living the Bliss right now that I thought I needed to work to accomplish. I once had imagined the ideal self to be so far from my grasp. I find myself letting my habits drive my thought and actions rather than the external stimulus of the my environment. If I see something that needs to be done…. I MUST DO IT NOW, whereas so many instances in the past I had the ability to say no to my desire to do the right things and make the right decisions . Now I have literally no option to surrender to the true will of my soul. I have begun a path of no return. If there is garbage in my sight  I to pick it up; it comes with me into my trash can. If I see dishes in the sink, no longer do I wait to do the whole pile, I absolutely must DO IT NOW. Why you ask? Simple : because ” I can be what I will to be.” I stop to think more about others and imagine myself in others situations and practice scroll 2 more and more.  I am truly blessed to be living this life !!

Here is my vision board. I have not yet Incorporated as many shapes and colors yet other than the red heart that represents health and well being. I can tell you that when I go to the wonderful room where this image resides as well as other white boards and many various incantations, I feel a tremendous power overcome me.  I play my recordings and stare upon the images as I pace around my wrestling mats. The experience I am feeling of transformation has been beckoning me and leading me to this point my entire life!

They say when the student is ready to learn, a teacher appears.  I have had many teachers along the way which have graced me with lessons that promoted my awareness to receive the teachings I now integrate with diligence into my daily practices.



Each image is so emotionally charged and has such tremendous value to my being .


20 questions to know yourself better. Try answering them yourself! (wk7)

1.) What am I good at?

I am great at staying positive ! I am great at seeing the big picture in adverse situations. I am good at planning and executing as well as maintaining good work ethic. I am a good communicator and am good at pulling people together for a common goal. I am good at staying focused and staying on a task for long duration’s of time, poring all my guts into the task and having passion as a driving force in all I do! I am good at fallowing a desirable and meticulously designed cognitive blue print which orients the habits that define my activities of thoughts and therefore actions! From designing a workout program, diet plan, planning may days or weeks activities I relish the feeling that my five p’s provide:

PROPER PREPARATION PROMOTES PRIME PERFORMANCE!!   I also am good at being a loving, caring, attentive father who takes tremendous pride in guiding my son to his dharma. I am good at keeping out distractions that may retard my growth towards the actualization of my definite major purposes in life!


2.) What am I so-so at?

I am so-so at sitting in one place for any long duration of time. I am so-so at dealing with cynical or negative, passive aggressive people who are ignorant to the great light and potential within themselves and persist in the refusal of this recognition. I am so-so at driving in cars for long periods of time. I am so-so at remembering family and friends birthday’s.

3.) What am I bad at ?

I am bad at driving in big cities and being in cities in general for more than a visit. I am bad at directions. I am bad at noticing faults in myself apparently because as I sit and meditate on the question every time something I see something that I feel I am bad at, I know I posses every ability to better that habit I may be “bad” at, and I do so the moment I see the fault.

4.)  What makes me tired ?

Greasy food or massive carbohydrates in excessive amounts.  Getting less than 7 hours of sleep and not having a regular sleep pattern makes me tired. T.V. can make me tired.

5.) What is the most important thing in my life ?

The actualization of the attainment of my major purposes in life! For in my definite major plan there lies all the wonder of travel , joy of career and financial liberty and love with my family and friends.

6.)  Who are the most important people in my life?

My son, my wife my parents and brothers and sisters, nephews!! My mentors also hold a very special place in my heart and include the likes of Alan watts, Joseph Campbell, Terrence Mckena, Joe Rogan, Aubrey Marcus.

7.) How much sleep do I need?

I cant operate at an optimal cognitive and calisthenic capacity at less than 6.5 hours of sleep a night. Optimally, I feel 8 hours is ideal for rest and recovery and the occasional 9 hour sleep in can feel great !

8.) What stresses me out?

Conflict with My wife can often can occasionally cause stress. I feel stress when I am not practicing the habits that I know will give me the results I desire.

9.) What relaxes me ?

My son relaxes me just seeing him near.  A clean home relaxes me. Knowing I have A plan !! Working out relaxes me. My meditations relax me as well as writing and listening to music. Being in nature relaxes me.

10.) What is my definition of success ?

Having the individual awareness to cultivate worthy and worth while goals than letting that blue print spawn into an image which impregnates the consciousness of the individual so that intimacy and true union is bonded with the ideal image. True self actualization ! Or in short could summarized as: having the ability to form habits and become their slaves ! Conscious self meeting The Jungian shadow!

11.) What type of worker am I ?

I am a fast worker that likes to be seen as someone that exhibits good work ethics and can lead myself to achieve whatever task being asked to complete. I am a resourceful worker that loves being challenged. I am a competitive worker that enjoys taking pride in everything I am involved in.

12.)How do I want others to see me ?

I would like others to see me as an honest and kind person that loves being alive

13.) What makes me sad ?

Losing friends and family as well as animals. I also feel sadness when I realize the negativity or lack of ambition exhibited from a loved one that should be maintaining the path they are on. Also thoughts of fear which cause entropy . Wasting potential in general is saddening to me!

14.) What makes me happy?

My biggest joys in life are in knowing that I am on a path which is moving me closer to actualizing my true nature/dharma. Within this path lies my beautiful relationship with my son, my wife and friends which I respect greatly and receive immense joy from as well .

15.) What makes me angry ?

Honestly, I am not angered by much lately other than the feeling of seeing others that I love not want to realize the boundless beauty and potential within themselves. I feel anger and feel frustration when the ones I love so much in my life do not maintain the habits that are necessary for success and than complain about the results !! Weather that means eating the right foods, aiming at a personal optimal level of sleep, exercising like all of us in these flesh vehicles must or just finding a sense of passion.

16.) What type of person do I want to be?

I want to be a humble, quiet exemplification of what ,humility, passion and vision can create. I will always aim to exemplify a loving, caring father, husband , friend and business associate. I just want to actualize my definite major purpose I have established and continue staying in the true self, setting goals and feeling true inspiration that only the winds of passion can breathe.

17.) What type of friend do I want to be ?

I will always be a friend who kindly speaks his mind and gives you humble words of encouragement and helps eliminate any negative attitude towards others because I know a negatative attitude towards others can never bring anyone closer to success.

18.)  What do I think about myself ?

I love all of the interests in my life from martial arts, music, art and weightlifting to the fantastic family and son I have! So I truly, truly think I am blessed to have what I am and get to experience life as such! I believe I can accomplish anything that I am focused on enough! I know that my ego was slowly constructed through conditioning and experience and is not the true self I wish to identify with. I think that the real self that “I” am is much greater than any of my intentions and will’s. I am but the impulses that beat my heart or secrete digestive enzymes and because of this knowledge I am set free each day!

19.) What things do I value in life?

The things that I value most are things that cannot be bought , as corny as that may sound! I love my walks in the forest every morning with my son and 2 dogs. I value all the relationships in my life and feel so blessed to have such diverse influences and fantastic contributing thoughts to my life!

20.) What makes me afraid ?

I am afraid of not becoming all of what I intend to become, therefore I combat this fear with daily habits that promote a warrior mindset. I guard my shield in defense against the negative talk and attitude that breeds fear and destruction. I daily recognize the turmoil that beckons my sward to be drawn to slay great beasts ! I foster and coddle the development of courage in my heart so that in battle I may lay all that I am in the fight !

Week 7 MKMMA

At this point in my life I am truly seeing some transcendent shifts in consciousness! I am continuously identifying little known talents and resources within myself previously believed to be unattainable or merely dismal. The practices in which I have employed in the campaign to ambush both my conscious mind and unconscious mind have given me more belief in myself than I have ever had in my life! From the sits and constant reading to the tasks being accomplished, I am truly seeing myself doing things now with ease that previously had been such a struggle. I somehow find myself now picking up trash on my morning walks with my son! Dishes seem to do themselves and vacuuming is a fun time with my son in his backpack on my shoulders!  I can handle problems and situations with courage and strength as I am in the present more than ever. I have a fantastically accelerating romance with my true nature and will not let anything retrain this love I cherish. I hope to give this feeling away to others as I know it would penetrate the hardest of hearts and illuminate, to restore and heal to the towards the true nature we have within each one of us.IMG_20170811_184049

( Although he may look slightly confused, don’t let the expression fool you, he looooooooves his walks! Like clock work every morning in our neighborhood forest. And now he gets to hear me read aloud my DMP, BPB and GS with enthusiasm each day too 😉


Thanks for staying strong and walking this path!!!