Made to the summit of my first mountain!!! Sweat a gallon and found my child self again !! IMG_20180207_092654Motivated by the challenge of adventure and the millstone of adversity! O man did I underestimate the trek that was ahead ! It was one of the more challenging things I’ve done; it was the first time I put on a pair of snowshoes or strapped on a pair of cramp ons. It was the first time I had ever used an ice axe as well and although I have snowboarded for nearly two decades it was the first time I have ever used a splitboard and snowboarded in the backcountry.IMG_3795IMG_3848IMG_3830  I intended on wearing the GoPro for the trip down but was far too tired to make it a run worth watching and just really wanted to get back down.  We climbed hiked 12 total miles and climbed up and back down an altitude of 6850 ft . Wow, what a wonderfull, challenging and insane day I was able to push myself to experience .IMG_3788.jpg

Trust your guide I heard in my mind, failing and turning back was an option and was grabbing my attention much of the climb in an attempt to silence my inner bitch. I am a grappler and have been in many physical confrontations and take pride in my commitment to fitness and love lifting weights but that day I did something new that was far outside the boundary’s of what I am regularly doing physically and just had to see what I already knew : I could and I can do it !! I get emotional writing about this and filled with tears because of the clarity of awareness I have to the eternal potential that exists within me !IMG_20180207_153823.jpg

My climbing partner and master mountain man is last year’s marathon winner called the world toughest mudder which he has completed over 13 times ! . Next he’s trying to smash the record for some amazing high altitude 200 mile race with no sleep in under 48 hrs …. So needless to say I have some big standards to establish my aspirations to undoubtedly!


So many amazing things pulled from my sacrifice ; I know I can do fucking anything input my mind to ! Absolutely anything ! I am in the flow ! I am whatever I will to be and I am in the now going amazing places with insane people !



I have so much confidence… Wow !! Thank you for reading. And as a personal message to you if you made it to the end of this : please please please choose to challenge yourself and seek the refuge that adversity and challenges proving by forcing yourself to grow !