I am finally starting to make wonderful connections with my shapes ans smart goals.

Blue rectangle is my family in our wonderful family estate before 11/1/2024

Green triangle is the purchase of the first of many service trucks for Shaniko industrial before 3/1/2019.

Red circle is me growing spiritually daily through 30 mins of prayer and meditation until 5/10/2018.

Yellow square is me reaching out and connecting with over 40 business’ each week until 5/10/2019.


All of this really has helped me push my dmp towards something I am in love with.



Today I was blessed enough to receive mentorship from an experienced businessman in the particular economic field I have chosen to open my own business doing. I’m proud of myself for proving to myself and to my mentor that I am capable of more than either of us could know. In just less than a week I have establish my LLC ; Shaniko Industrial, established a business license in Oregon,opened up my first company bank account and company credit card, established $1000000 in liability coverage and 1 million dollars in workers compensation coverage for the company. I also opened up a credit line through Target to purchase company supplies, established a company service vehicle, opened a website, created my own Flyers to pass out and passed out over 50 Flyers to local businesses as well as making over 100 cold calls in the last week and tomorrow morning I will be performing my at first service for a upscale business that is very close to my home!!

I’m still going to the gym 2 to 3 days a week even with my hand still being broken and in a cast and I’m  very proud of that! I maintain all the habits of success and I’m constantly surrounding myself with greatness. My sister joined mkmma this year and my great friend Jason Hauser who is a local mkmma Beacon of light for all to look up is someone I spend many hours masterminding with.  I cannot my gratitude or express how important the relationship with beautuful people like Jason Hauser and Duane Reemer have had on my life . So many people in this life do not have many deep considerate kind generous intelligent and wise people to help guide them in their lives and share this beautiful Journey with. I’m forever blessed to have such beautiful souls around me. My wife is pregnant with a second boy and I am thrilled to wake up each day looking forward to the next arrival of my next family member and to raise the two year old young man that I have already.

Blessed blessed blessed that’s truly all that I am is blessed blessed blessed!!

Thank you so much for sharing in this life of abundance with me I love you all and let’s keep sticking to our habits!


MKMMA WEEK 4 (I can be )

IM  all in!!!!


I have burnt all boats, I have all the faith and courage to realize the destination of my DMP!!!!!!

I am so happy to have all the love and support around me I feel it indescribable to relay my ecstatic joy that the angels in my life bring me !!!

Now I make it my life’s priority to serve the infinite by living in harmony and flow with my true purposes in life. MEANING:  doing the things I love and hanging with people that are inspiring, seeing beauty in nature and being a wonderful example to my children!




Today I made 37 cold calls and I by the grace of God landed one client to serve. Last week shaniko industrial LLC was formed. I now have a million dollars of liability insurance associated with the company as well as company expense accounts,company payroll accounts and have established who my bookkeeper accountant and certified professional assistant will be to help run the business. I will begin creating my dream business this next week by filling up the back of my father’s truck he is willing to let me borrow with$ 800 in janitorial supplies and buying a canopy to lock and cover everything. I will begin this next week on Monday at 10 a.m. serving Debbie’s daycare with their janitorial needs.. I promise this is just the beginning of what is to be a beautiful start ……….. & I always fulfill my promises


Blue rectangles everywhere!

Bad blueprints still around every corner ! Persistence of a condition blueprint is still evident in my life manifesting itself through insecurities and doubt. There was only one thing on that service list for me to do and that was clean the microwave out and soon as the webinar was done…. I did it . Yet for some reason I keep hearing some little voice tell me that cleaning the microwave has no direct relevance to owning a successful business or being a wonderful father. Constantly my old blue friend is there to poo poo all of these new ways thinking. Yet I will persist until I succeed. I am the young bull that enters the ring because Im willing to persist and persist and persist. I will step forward my best self in life and manifest a loving caring compassionate patient human being. I am happy to be alive and I’m blessed to have the struggles that I do and will never shy from ownership and responsibility, and the hardest thing to take ownership for is your dreams and your life!


If  your’e reading this: lift your sword to the sky and give a Battle Cry as a fellow warrior on the most fantastic and truly the only Journey that one can go on in life!





Mkmma week 1

I’m so incredibly happy to be a part of this family once again. I’m in the midst of my innermost cave at 6 o’clock in my hero’s journey and although my old blueprint fought it, I am proud of to say that I am here in attendance in the 2018-2019 MKE. I missed putting my blog up on time for the first week but I am here on the second week ready to get after it. I’m proud of myself today for following all of my habits reading my Scrolls doing my Seth repeating do it now and feeling all fulfilling all of my to do list with gusto and enthusiasm. I’m a part of a wonderful Marco Polo group as well and Jason Hauser is someone I am forever grateful to have my life and we have Tuesday meetings in which our focus is MKE!