Blue rectangles everywhere!

Bad blueprints still around every corner ! Persistence of a condition blueprint is still evident in my life manifesting itself through insecurities and doubt. There was only one thing on that service list for me to do and that was clean the microwave out and soon as the webinar was done…. I did it . Yet for some reason I keep hearing some little voice tell me that cleaning the microwave has no direct relevance to owning a successful business or being a wonderful father. Constantly my old blue friend is there to poo poo all of these new ways thinking. Yet I will persist until I succeed. I am the young bull that enters the ring because Im willing to persist and persist and persist. I will step forward my best self in life and manifest a loving caring compassionate patient human being. I am happy to be alive and I’m blessed to have the struggles that I do and will never shy from ownership and responsibility, and the hardest thing to take ownership for is your dreams and your life!


If  your’e reading this: lift your sword to the sky and give a Battle Cry as a fellow warrior on the most fantastic and truly the only Journey that one can go on in life!






3 thoughts on “MKMMA WEEK 2

  1. Great attitude and enthusiasm. That stubborn old blueprint can be persistent. Stay strong in you decision to change . It will be so worth it in the end. Did you celebrate your completion of your chore? No matter how small, we should celebrate our successes.Retrain your brain that the small successes are not insignificant!


  2. Hi zach, oh my goodness, quite the writer still. i loved reading your post. i can relate, whats a clean microwave vrs a dirty, whats a hole in the sock, or unmade bed, ah how i can relate to your thoughts. i just got it done with my routine after i figured out how to plan my with or around my kids in the day. Now i am planning my life, wow, we both are, as long as i stayed honest to myself i was good. i am better this year, more heart and more understanding of what i am to do. gosh last year i experienced so much and now it seems to flow better. you are awsome and great to see you in again. You can do this. i appreciate the marco polos, i cant wait to see what your year will hold. cheers mr zach , my sword in the air and bellowing loud


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