Today I made 37 cold calls and I by the grace of God landed one client to serve. Last week shaniko industrial LLC was formed. I now have a million dollars of liability insurance associated with the company as well as company expense accounts,company payroll accounts and have established who my bookkeeper accountant and certified professional assistant will be to help run the business. I will begin creating my dream business this next week by filling up the back of my father’s truck he is willing to let me borrow with$ 800 in janitorial supplies and buying a canopy to lock and cover everything. I will begin this next week on Monday at 10 a.m. serving Debbie’s daycare with their janitorial needs.. I promise this is just the beginning of what is to be a beautiful start ……….. & I always fulfill my promises


4 thoughts on “MKMMA WEEK 3

  1. Thank you!!
    I cant wait to hear back on my most recent DMP edit. So much energy went into it as i desire greatly to create my own master piece to erect the perfect life for my family.
    Again, bless you for your help!


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