Today I was blessed enough to receive mentorship from an experienced businessman in the particular economic field I have chosen to open my own business doing. I’m proud of myself for proving to myself and to my mentor that I am capable of more than either of us could know. In just less than a week I have establish my LLC ; Shaniko Industrial, established a business license in Oregon,opened up my first company bank account and company credit card, established $1000000 in liability coverage and 1 million dollars in workers compensation coverage for the company. I also opened up a credit line through Target to purchase company supplies, established a company service vehicle, opened a website, created my own Flyers to pass out and passed out over 50 Flyers to local businesses as well as making over 100 cold calls in the last week and tomorrow morning I will be performing my at first service for a upscale business that is very close to my home!!

I’m still going to the gym 2 to 3 days a week even with my hand still being broken and in a cast and I’m  very proud of that! I maintain all the habits of success and I’m constantly surrounding myself with greatness. My sister joined mkmma this year and my great friend Jason Hauser who is a local mkmma Beacon of light for all to look up is someone I spend many hours masterminding with.  I cannot my gratitude or express how important the relationship with beautuful people like Jason Hauser and Duane Reemer have had on my life . So many people in this life do not have many deep considerate kind generous intelligent and wise people to help guide them in their lives and share this beautiful Journey with. I’m forever blessed to have such beautiful souls around me. My wife is pregnant with a second boy and I am thrilled to wake up each day looking forward to the next arrival of my next family member and to raise the two year old young man that I have already.

Blessed blessed blessed that’s truly all that I am is blessed blessed blessed!!

Thank you so much for sharing in this life of abundance with me I love you all and let’s keep sticking to our habits!



4 thoughts on “MKMMA WEEK 5

  1. Wow! That’s is so wonderful that your dream company is coming to fruition! I love how you write and express yourself. Do you live in Oregon? I do. I look forward to hearing how things go for you. You’re really kicking things into high gear! Great job!! 🙂


  2. I am so excited for your successes and that you have good mastermind group. That is key to having success.
    Congratulations on the up coming birth of your second son. That is so exciting!


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