I take refuge in my habits. I take comfort in picking up my sword daily, heavy as it may be, burdened and gifted at the same time with the ability to fight for myself and others.  Never being able to go back again, knowing that the choice is always mine to either other be present and take power in my attitude and perspective in Life or to be pushed about by the circumstances and events allowing things to happen ” To me,” rather than for me. The idea of starting a business is a frightening idea at times. Just as the idea of being on a rock floating through space spinning at over 12,000 miles an hour can feel also very intimidating and frightening. Existence can appear to be quite chaotic at times yet in deep silence and moments Grace it is quite obvious that chaos and order are in perfect harmony and equilibrium with one another.


Practicing the mental diet has been a fantastic exercise in observing my thoughts. So much of what pops up into my consciousness feels so far outside of myself. Yet when I am able to detach and observe these patterns of recognition within myself it gives me a better ability to consciously choose my reactions to the circumstances and events.  I truly am a hero on a fantastic journey. It truly amazes me how intense each of the journeys we embark on can truly be. So many of the times we think through vicarious learning or careful observation we can avoid some of the pitfalls that others have made failing to recognize that we are going to inevitably make our own mistakes. with love perseverance and maintaining good habits moving forward while focusing on one’s goals with a burning desire to live in harmony.

MKMMA week 7

I am truly in love with my vision board. The peptides that fire together are definitely wiring together. I wake up in the middle of the night and my habits consume me!  When you put the work in, the change happens from within it is absolutely undeniable!!!IMG_20181108_232819.jpgo it now do it now I can be what I will to be.