Practicing the mental diet has been a fantastic exercise in observing my thoughts. So much of what pops up into my consciousness feels so far outside of myself. Yet when I am able to detach and observe these patterns of recognition within myself it gives me a better ability to consciously choose my reactions to the circumstances and events.  I truly am a hero on a fantastic journey. It truly amazes me how intense each of the journeys we embark on can truly be. So many of the times we think through vicarious learning or careful observation we can avoid some of the pitfalls that others have made failing to recognize that we are going to inevitably make our own mistakes. with love perseverance and maintaining good habits moving forward while focusing on one’s goals with a burning desire to live in harmony.


7 thoughts on “MKMMA WEEK 8

  1. isn’t it amazing how different the conversations in our head are from what we actually speak. I love that we have to stop and notice then select a better response. We are making the world a better place.


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