IMG_20181226_123951An opportunity has presented itself to liquidate a few of my assets and accumulate a 1933 hot rod. This vehicle is something that would be very special to me because it is something my mentor built by hand from the ground up. It is actually surreal thinking about purchasing this dream car considering I didn’t think I would be able to own something like this until I was in my forties or 60s maybe. This truly would be one of the most exciting toys or physical thing I’ve ever owned. Yet regardless of how much of a spike of excitement and pleasure I get out of the gift for the physical thing itself I am fully aware that the only thing that truly last and life is an inner sense of peace that can only be cultivated through hard mental labor. Nonetheless this car is a representation of what I am capable of in a very short amount of time if I learn how to use my mind. I cannot wait to throw up a blog about how much fun it was to drive it for the first time.


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