I wrote it down on now it’s happening!!

Isn’t that the way of the land ? At least now it is for us in the know . Is quite strange to see how the inexplicable events happen to coordinate and conspire in the manifestation of my dreams . I reached out to an old employer and mentor just wanting to re connect and share my heros journey. Throughout the whole days conversation with this wonderful 75 year old man I believe he started to notice something in me . I could see this old man getting more and more excited about something he lost passion for. It appears that I am rekindling this man’s passion for his business through watching my eagerness to learn and aggressiveness to grow. Now after a few months of building rapport and gaining a relationship together there is some serious discussions about partnering and aligning our futures together in business . I’m actually very very excited about this opportunity to partner with someone with so much experience and so much to offer.  With one person in less than 10 years this man was able to grow the same business as I have into a $680,000 a year company and I believe with his help I can surpass and shadow that level of performance. I will share much more as I move forward in this venture but I just had to share in my excitement.

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